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Please see the testimonials below by people close to me and some of my valued clients.

Testimonial by Betsy Wadington:
“I have been visiting Monique at JustSmart Electrology for a couple of months and have been so pleased with the results of hair removal from electrolysis.  Monique is very professional, the treatment room is clean and soothing with nice music playing, and best of all electrolysis works!  I highly recommend JustSmart Electrology.”

Testimonial by Martine Nuera:
"I have received Electrology services from Monique Burghart in two locations, my eyebrows and now my belly button area. She is professional, personable, kind, and definitely affordable. I've price checked many other Electrolysis services and she is by far the most affordable and competitvely priced. It's not really that painful! Not anymore painful than waxing or plucking...but at least this is permanent! I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking to never have to pluck or wax again!!!"

Testimonial by Phyllis Rawls:

"I have been working with Monique  to have the hair removed

from my chin and mustash with electrology. I kept all my appointments 
and it finally paying off.  The hair is finally stopped growing. During this time I asked
her to take the hair from under my arms and it looks wonderful. My skin now on my
face is a soft as a baby's skin. Some one guessed my age the other day that I
looked 13 years younger!
My work is of an entertainer. The other day we had two jobs in one day.The first
outside in the heat for 5 hours the 2 hour break and the 2 hours inside at an
exclusive club for dinner guests.  The costumes were sleeveless and let me tell
you I felt like a million dollars.  The hair was removed and I didn't have to worry
about under my arms or hair on my face.  It was a wonderful feeling. I hope
everyone has their hair removed permanently it is a rewarding feeling.  It does
take time a patience and no missed visits.  I had a couple of those unexpected
missed visits and had to reschedule..because of weather and tried to get them
rescheduled as quickly as possible.
Monique is very skilled and knows how to get rid of the hair.   Good luck to all
of you.  Thanks Monique you are beautiful." --  Phyllis"


Testimonial by P. Charalambous:
"Subject: Compliments to Monique
Message: I have been coming to get treated by a wonderful and caring person. Monique is great and I am making alot of progress. If you are thinking about electrology, Just smart is the place!"